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  1. Basics
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a. Basic Operation

fotoNotes lets you use your iPhone screen as a pasteboard to work with your photos.

You can retrieve images from the Photo Album, crop, re-size, re-position and/or rotate the image and then paste it anywhere on the screen.

Add images with ease, for example to assemble a collage or compose a screenful of images.

When ready, you can export, print, email, save or upload your work to Facebook.

b. Main Toolbar

Import photos from the iPhone photo album and camera roll. You can import and paste to fit the screen or import into the SELECT BOX for re-sizing, positioning and pasting at the desired location of the screen.
Lets you copy areas of the screen into a selection box which can then be resized, rotated and/or re-positioned and pasted back on to the screen. Options to copy, cut or crop the selected area.
Type into a text box which can be placed and pasted on to the screen. Full font support including colors and sizes. Supports copy, cut and paste from other iPhone text-based apps. For example copying text from Safari.
Features freestyle finger drawing and writing directly on screen with quick-change pen type (pen, highlighter or eraser), color selection and line widths.
Write small feature. Although you can write in DRAW MODE, WRITE MODE lets you write naturally in a larger space and the writing is automatically scaled down. Maximizes the use of screen space for writing notes. Auto-advance feature lets you write continuously.
Download free ICONS from our website, and/or customize your own.
Export lets you print your screen image or email it as a png or jpg file. You can also upload directly to Facebook or save it to the photo album.
File handling options for opening, saving, deleting and renaming files.
Clears screen image to start a fresh project.

Bottom Buttons

The SHOWTOOLBARS button at the bottom center of the screen is used to hide all the toolbars. Tap the button to hide and again to unhide the toolbars.

If you make any changes to the screen (for example, pasting the SELECT BOX), you can tap the UNDO button to reverse the change.

Similarly, tap the REDO button to redo the last undo.


Thank you for using fotoNotes and we sincerely hope you find it useful. We appreciate the opportunity to respond to your feedback, questions and any issues you may have.

Please tap here to email us for a quick response, or use this online form if the email client is not set up on your iPad.